Imran Tahir, who impressed one and all in a batsmen dominated 2015 World Cup, explained how the limited over format makes a bowler tough and gives him a chance to learn a lot about the game.

The leggie from South Africa, who is rearing to help the Daredevils in IPL 8,  explained that even though the limited format has 5 fielders inside the ring, the slam bang format helps the bowlers to learn more than what they used to before about the game of cricket.

The Pakistan born player added that in the limited overs the batsmen, who try to go for big hits, it gives the bowlers more chances and also that it poses new challenges when you are attacked and are under-pressure. Tahir, who is a regular in the national team felt that even in test matches a spinner has great value and that the classic art of spin which was going around 20 years ago is no longer useful.

Tahir, who felt that you have to go out with a big heart and added that in the shorter format, a bit of flight more often than not makes the ball land on the stands and that he is no longer the classical spinner he wanted to be. He felt that all the spinners are not just classical and have a great role to play in the modern game of cricket.

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