Partnerships in ODI cricket is pretty much required for setting up the momentum in setting up a big total or for getting close to the target. Often, century partnerships result in changing the fate of the game. Also, games in World Cup hold utter importance and century partnerships in World Cup matches prove to be priceless.

Here, in this article we are to list the number of century stands in each edition of the World Cup tournament –

1. 2015 – 39* times –

The Group Stages of the tournament is yet not done and there have been as many as 39 century partnerships being made by various teams. Also, we have seen plenty of scores surpassing 300 and also they were chased down quite comfortably. This World Cup, so far, has been on the side of the batsmen.

2. 2011 – 38 times –

The previous World Cup had witnessed as many as 38 century partnerships. There were quite a number of good partnerships being made by India on various matches between Sachin – Sehwag, Sehwag – Gambhir and others. The partnership between Gambhir and Dhoni in the final match was priceless for India and India were the champions as a result of such huge partnerships.

3. 2007 – 32 times –

The World Cup was held in the Caribbean and as many as 32 century stands were seen in the World Cup. Australia were the champions in the World Cup and a number of century stands were seen from the likes of Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden.

4. 1996 – 28 times –

The World Cup was being held in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka jointly and the batting friendly tracks led to a number of century partnerships between the teams.

5.  2003 – 25 times –

It was indeed a thrilling World Cup being played in South Africa and Zimbabwe. There were a total of 25 century partnerships being made.

6. 1992 – 23 times –

It was the World Cup where Pakistan won the World Cup for the first time. It was held in Australia and there were a total of 23 century stands being made.

7. 1999 – 21 times – 

The English pitches did trouble the batsmen to a considerable extent yet there were 21 century partnerships being made. It was in this World Cup that the recording breaking partnership between Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid was being made. The partnership was of 318 runs.

8. 1987 – 15 times –

This World Cup was being played in India and there were plenty of brilliant knocks being made. There were as many as 15 centuries being struck.

9. 1983 – 14 times –

This World Cup marked India’s first ever triumph in World Cup tournaments and there were 14 century stands being made.

10. 1975 – 10 times –

In this World Cup, West Indies dominated over the opposition and there were 10 century stands being made and a majority of them were by the West Indians.

11. 1979 – 8 times – 

This World Cup marked West Indies’ second victory in the World Cup and there were 8 century stands being made.

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