M.S. Dhoni files complaint with BCCI over the washed out Florida T20I

Rishav Narang / 05 September 2016

It looks the second T20 washout out a matter is not ending anytime soon and will go down to the wire as now the Indian limited overs captain MS Dhoni has lodged a complaint with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) regarding the washout matter. The second T20I was delayed for 40 minutes due to unavoidable technical failures in Florida which were the main reason why Indian team could not play the mandatory 5 overs that were needed to compute the result of the match.

West Indies team batting first scored 143 runs; the Indian team had a fair chance to chase down the target as they were on the score of 15/0 in two overs when the rain arrived. A 30-minute shower was enough to call off the second innings.

Surely the Indian team would have completed the remaining 3 overs if rain had not arrived. The rain cost India an opportunity to win the game and they lost the series by virtue of losing the first game of the series.
Frustrated by the series loss, the Indian limited overs captain M. S. Dhoni has now filed a complaint with BCCI.

“Dhoni’s argument was simple. He wanted to know if it was within the rules to delay the match because of a satellite failure. He wanted to know what happens to those who are on the ground, and had bought expensive tickets for the match,” the source said.

According to the guidelines, a match in no situation can be delayed due to technical issues.

Earlier, the ICC has cleared its stance over the matter as it has clearly said that it were both the Boards who agreed upon delaying the game till the technical issues were solved.