Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels’ relationship with Australians is nothing short of a dramatic movie. The West Indian batsman has been involved in several controversies and ugly episodes alongside a few Australians. The earliest one occurred when Australian spin legend Shane Warne grabbed Samuels by the collar during a Big Bash League game in 2012/13.

Later during his commentary stint, Warne time and again had a go at Samuels and criticized him for his poor form. The West Indian snapped back at Warne after West Indies clinched the World T20 title earlier this year.  “Shane Warne has been talking continuously and all I want to say is ‘this (trophy) is for Shane Warne,” a belligerent Samuels said after his side won the World T20 final against England. “I answer with the bat and not the mic.”

“I played a Test series in Australia and every day, Shane Warne has a problem with me,” Samuels said. “I don’t know what I did. I’ve never disrespected him. Seems as if he has a lot inside him that he needs to come out. “So I don’t appreciate the way he continues to talk to about me and the things that he keeps doing. “I don’t know. Maybe because my face is real and his face is not,” Samuels questioned back then.

In Australia’s ODI last evening against West Indies at Barbados, Samuels once again had a go towards the Australians, and that was confirmed by Australian all rounder Mitchell Marsh. “They were up and about and in the contest, there was a bit of chat,” Marsh said. “That’s pretty normal in the heat of battle. I think it’s great.”

After being named the Man of the Match against Australia, Samuels once again brought up the matter. “I’ve been saying that over the years,” Samuels said. “Most time I came out to bat, nobody had anything to say and I don’t perform that well. “But then somebody has something to say, I want to stay out there longer to see how long he can talk.”

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