After Maxwell ruthless show in Sri Lanka, R. Ashwin comes up with a way out for bowlers

Rishav Narang / 07 September 2016
Indian players in tests

Yesterday, the records were broken and the old history books were torn apart as the Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell with his ruthless batting went onto fire 146* in just 65 balls. He showed no mercy on any of the Sri Lankan bowlers and sent each bowler out of the park. It was really disappointing to see the Sri Lankan bowlers being hit like this as Maxwell was picking them up like he is playing with his child in the lawn beside his home. Maxwell nearly killed the white ball.

The cricket fraternity was quite shocked and felt pity for the bowlers. Harsha Bhogle, cricket expert and one of the best Indian commentator too expressed his view on the matter and tweeted

He with his tweet asked a question that what’s next for bowlers. It was a legitimate question raised as really these types of innings are more threat rather than a fun.

The Indian off-spinner R. Ashwin came up with a superb way to curb the batsman this style of play. In reply to Bhogle’s tweet he said

This cheeky and out of context reply from R. Ashwin forced Bhogle to have a big laugh as this is probably now the only way left to restrict a batsman. Harsha after enjoying Ashwin’s reply even compared him to the new twitter troller Virender Sehwag as he might have seen a glimpse of Sehwag in Ashwin.