Kiran Power has resigned as coach of Mumbai Under 16 team, claiming that the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is maligning his image. In a statement, the former Mumbai cricketer said,  “There is no longer appreciation left for ethics, commitment and values (in the MCA) and hence I am stepping down from the post of Mumbai Under 16 Coach.”

The former left-arm spinner, who has played 39 first games for Mumbai, gave a blow by blow rebuttal of the charges leveled against him, calming that he is yet to receive  show cause notice that, according  to reports, has been served on him.

“I have yet not got any official communication via email or telephonic on the show cause notice till date. It has been directly leaked in the media to malign my image,” he said.

Commenting on the alleged failure to turn up for the Disciplinary Committee $ CIC meetings, Powar said, he was threatened by Chandrakant Pandit.

“I had complained to you that I was threatened by Chandrakant Pandit in front of the Under 16 boys that I shall be refrained from entering the MCA BKC Indoor facility, the reason being that I was wearing a MCA T-shirt but not Indoor Cricket Academy T-shirt. The so-called incident happened on July 1, 2016 and I also informed you on the abusive behaviour of Pandit. Surprisingly I have been left with no reply till date,” Powar said in his letter to MCA secretary.

He also denied the charge that the selectors are unhappy with his attitude.  “If records are to be checked during the last season I was asked to walk out of the meeting in spite of me being present in the meeting of the U-16 Mumbai team. So who should be unhappy with the attitude? Is this the respect for the coach,” he asked.

He further said that he had always requested the selectors that the association should search for the talent “which is available at the grassroots level and also amongst the kids who do not belong to big academies and coaching centres but have the potential and are getting ignored.

“I would also like to bring to your notice that some selectors at U-16 are associated with some or other academies. I had also verbally complained to you that two of the selectors were sitting with the kids parents in AC cabin at MCA Kandivali Ground. I have always been pressurised by these selectors about picking up this kid in the team. As a coach I will always go for talent and performance and not compromise on my ethics which they feel is my attitude,” he said.

On allegation that he does not watch all selection matches, he said, “This is a shock for me and a good way found by the so-called MCA official. I had undergone a surgery in the second week of May and the same had been informed. Surprisingly, this point was never asked to me till date. I was admitted to hospital and I was unable to watch the selection matches. This was already informed to (to the MCA) and I strongly feel that it is a highly inhumane comment made from them,” he explained.

He also debunked the talk that his coaching is not up to the mark. “I think the officials need to go back and get the facts right. I think they have failed to understand that Mumbai U-16 team reached All India Vijay Merchant Trophy final during the last season under my coaching.Before I took over, the team had failed to qualify for the knockout stages of previous two seasons,” he wrote in his reply.

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