April 6, 2014, Sunday, will be one of those horror days that Yuvraj Singh would like to forget. Just as India lost to Sri Lanka in the World T20 final, the media went berserk criticising Yuvraj Singh for the loss.

Yuvraj Singh made a horrific 11 runs off 21 balls and looked clueless during his while at the crease. During his stay, he struggled to connect the ball and didn’t rotate the strike which evaporated all the momentum from the innings. With another 6 wickets in had India ended up with just 130 on the board.

As Yuvraj Singh struggled almost all the news channels held special shows with experts criticising Yuvraj Singh and asking him to not to be taken again into team. Even MS Dhoni was irritated by the queries of reporters over Yuvraj Singh even after standing as support for him. They brought irritation to Dhoni in a way that he had to say to stop their queries on Yuvi otherwise he would be leaving.

But it didn’t take a day for the media to realise the value one of the most fighting Indian Cricketer who served without feeling the pain who have been asking for punishing him over his Career instead of just criticising his poor innings.

Their sympathies over him started when fans pelted his house with stones and broke his heart. But the media started realizing their mistake of taking over Yuvraj Singh, a player who played a crucial role in India’s T20 WC 2007 victory and a player who played out the 2011 World Cup with a lung tumour without attending medical emergency and played out his very best in a stage that leads him to death.

But the Social Media continued its riots against Yuvraj criticising, pranking jokes, trolling. But they couldn’t realize the greatness of the Big Man as he was born in a country where a players’ poor performance will be remembered than many of his better performances.

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