Michael Clarke regrets comparing John Buchanan with his dog

Shashi / 24 November 2015

Former Australian skipper Michael Clarke, whose remarks about former coach John Buchanan has created a furor in the cricket world has not rescinded or refuted his opinion about the former coach, but has admitted guilt in the dog comparison. Clarke had earlier commented that Buchanan had made negligible contribution to Australian cricket and that even his dog Jerry could have won plaudits with the legendary Australian team that had existed back then .

Although he has not expressed any regrets over the issue, he acceded to the fact that the fact could have been articulated better. He also cited highly emotional times when he wrote his autobiography at the backdrop of Australia being annihilated miserably during the Ashes.

Clarke has also been extremely critical and derogatory about his teammates Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds for their reluctance in exuding support towards the southpaw during his turbulent times. Earlier, Buchanan had retaliated to the criticism stating that the captaincy role was difficult and Clarke wasn’t adept to it back then.

Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has also admonished and criticized his former teammate for his statements and has termed his statements maligning and harsh. Clarke has represented the Kangaroos in 115 test matches scoring 8643 runs.

Shane Watson, who has himself been a prominent presence in the Australian team since the times of John Buchanan, has expressed pride towards John’s contribution to Australian cricket and the tranquility and dexterity he showcased handling the egos of the stalwarts who used to represent Australia back then, stating that he could provide a unidirectional vision to the team as he had envisaged.





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