Michael Holding, one of West Indies fastest bowlers during his time, has rejected to comment on the success of the West Indies team in the shortest format of cricket, T20. He said so as he doesn’t follow T20 cricket.

In a chat with Mumbai Mirror regarding the same, Holding said “I can’t answer that question because I don’t watch T20 cricket.”

Holding also expressed his views regarding the decline of interest of West Indies over cricket and he believes that it is because of the poor run of the Calypso Kings and not because of geographical and time zone restrictions.

Holding said when asked about his views about the same “West Indies cricket was very, very popular when we were winning. People all over the world used to get up at 1′o clock in the night to watch West Indies cricket. It has nothing to do with any time zone or geography. It is a matter of people loving winners. West Indies team is not popular now because they are not winning. Period.”

When asked about the ongoing controversy between the players and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the West Indian pacer feels that the WICB (West Indies Cricket Board) are searching for short term solutions.

He explained his views about the same by saying “Perhaps, the other boards are run a little better. The administration of other boards is little bit more streamlined. But cricketers have had problems with administrators all over the world at different times. I have seen it myself. But they have not been as long as we’re seeing in the Caribbean. Problems crop up and they are sorted out soon elsewhere. But the problems persist in the West Indies cricket. The West Indies board is trying to fix the problems with short-term measures.”

    Archit Athani Writer

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