Michael Holding Points Out The Major Reason For Racism
Michael Holding
Michael Holding (Image Credit: Twitter)

Michael Holding Points Out The Major Reason For Racism

Former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding has opened up why the change of the education system is very much important to end the racism or any kind of discrimination in the world.

Even in the 21st century, racism is becoming a big issue in many aspects of life. Racism or discrimination is also hitting in sports, including cricket. Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota), the continuous protest against racism and discrimination is running globally. Most of the sports fraternities have also shown their support in the protest against racism and discrimination.

On Wednesday (8th July), ahead of the beginning of the Southampton Test between England and West Indies, which was also the resumption of the international cricket after the sudden stoppage of the game due to coronavirus pandemic, the players and other officials performed taking the knee to protest against racism and discrimination.

The 66-year-old Michael Holding pointed out the major reason for racism and discrimination.

Michael Holding, racism, discrimination
Michael Holding. (Photo by Visionhaus/Corbis via Getty Images)

Holding told Sky Sports, “When I say education I mean going back in history. What people need to understand, these things stem from hundred years ago. The dehumanisation of black race is where it started and people will tell you that’s a long time ago, get over it. No, you don’t get over things like that and the society has not gotten over something like that.”

We are being brainwashed: Michael Holding

Holding also explained how history manipulated everyone, and unconsciously, it led the path to racism and discrimination culture, which we can experience in many movements in our life.

Michael Holding, racism, discrimination
Michael Holding (Image Credit: Twitter)

The former Caribbean cricketer added, “History is written by the conqueror not by those who are conquered, history is written by people who do the harm not by those who get harmed…We are being brainwashed, not just black people, white people are being brainwashed in different ways.

“Think about religion … Look at Jesus Christ, the image that they give of him: pale skin, blond hair, blue eyes. Where Jesus came from, who in that part of the world looks that way but again this is brainwashing to show this is what perfection is.

“If you look at the plays of those days, Judas who betrayed Jesus, he is a black man, again brainwashing people into thinking he is a black man, he is the bad man.”

When George Floyd was killed by a white police officer on 25th May 2020, the Central Park birdwatching incident also happened on the same day in New York. A white woman, Amy Cooper, called the police to falsely accuse a black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper.

Talking about that incident, Holding opened up how established prejudices have affected her mind and led her to act like this.

Holding said, “By the time he (the black man) proves he is not guilty he might be dead. She had that thing in her mind from day one. That’s why she said and did what she did.

“They keep telling me there is nothing called white privilege, give me a break, I haven’t seen white people go into a store and being followed. A black man walks in, and someone is following him everywhere he goes, that is basic white privilege.

“Whether that white person ends up robbing the place or not, he is not being thought in that way, and things like that have to change.”

I was never taught anything good about black people: Michael Holding

Michael Holding further added that the schools have mostly ignored the good things about the black people, including their great achievements. Talking about that, Holding also mentioned the name of the carbon filament inventor.

Michael Holding, racism, discrimination
Michael Holding (Image Credit: Twitter)


Holding claimed, “Everybody knows Thomas Edison invented the light bulb with a paper filament, can you tell me who invented the filament that makes these lights shine throughout? Nobody knows because he was a black man, it was not taught in schools.

“Lewis Latimer invented the carbon filament, who knows that. Everything should be taught. I was never taught anything good about black people and you cannot have a society that is brought up like that, both black and white, that only teach what is convenient.”