Lancashire director of cricket Mike Watkinson  has apologised to the fans because plat could not resume after a heavydown pour of about 90 minutes. Players were forced to leave the field around 2:15 pm when  England were placed at 237 for 6. But the main concern is that even after the rain stopped after 90 minutes, the staff could not get the ground ready and when the play was called off at 5:39 BST, the officials suffered an angry boos from the audience.

In the defence,Watkinson said that is was a heavy downpour and most grounds would ahve struggled to get the game ready for the day.

But the situation is not new for Old Trafford as they have witnessed it beofre.Earlier in 2009, a T20 International between England and Australia was abandoned without a ball being bowled.A two-metre square sodden strip of grass  on the way of bowler’s run up meant that play could not resume then.

Recently, the drainage system at the Old Trafford was revamped , due to which Lancashire had to play their home matches else where. According to the Watkinson, the area of the ground which has recently been returfed is causing problems and is near Brian Statham End. It is behaving a bit different from other parts of the ground .

Due to all the construction work going on,there is a natural tendency of the water to fall towards this side and all the water gets accumulated that side.

Former English captain, Geoffrey Boycott has criticised the authority of putting player’s safety ahead of paying public. This incident could mean a draw for England when they could have won it easily. 

Ian Bell , after the play was called off said that it was a shame for the palyers, audience and supporters but added that the groundsman did every possible thing to get the play on that that. He added that , with the Test match placed in their favour, they would have loved to be out there.


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