Mitchell Marsh can become Australia’s Jacques Kallis: Greg Chappell

Sidharth Gulati / 08 December 2014

Former Australian captain Greg Chappell believes that all-rounder Mitchell Marsh has the ability to become Australia’s Jacques Kallis. Chappell feels that Mitchell Marsh has announced himself into the international frame and it’s just a matter of time that he starts to make it big in both batting and bowling. 

Chappell said:

“Mitch is a very special individual with a special talent. He has the potential to do for Australia what Jacques Kallis did for South Africa. That is, be a marquee player over a long period of time with both bat and ball.

“Jacques had a tremendous capacity to get through a career like he did with all the bowling and the bowling he did, which shows he’s obviously got a pretty resilient body and that’s what something we hope will be the case with Mitch.”

Chappell also tipped Mitchell Marsh to be the future Australian captain, if and only if he is able to keep his body in shape. Marsh has been plagued by a lot of injuries and Chappell feels that if he stays fit, his responsibilities might increase in the upcoming years. 

“If he is, then he’ll not only be a key player over the next generation, but he’s potentially an Australian captain of the future.”

“People tend to gravitate to him so he could have a busy time over the next few years. He’s certainly showed (that leadership potential) during his times at the youth level and I think the West Australians have also recognised that he’s a natural leader.”

Chappell said. 


Image Courtesy: Sumit


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