Here’s a comparison of some of the most famous cricketers to have play ed the game and their similar characters from the Mahabharat. Here’s an attempt to create a Modern day Mahabharat cast with some of the famous Cricketers as we all know them.

Disclaimer – This article is only a figment of imagination and in no ways intends to hurt any religious sentiments of anyone intentionally or unintentionally.  

Shakuni : Shane Warne 


The shrewdest among all. Both used to turn the tides in their favour with their enigmatic characteristics.  Both players in their own right.


Yudhisthira : Rahul Dravid 

Yudhisthira values “Dharma” above everything else. ‘The Wall’ is known for his ethics and integrity towards the game. 


Bheema : Chris Gayle 

Both are symbols of strength and absolute destruction.


Dronacharya : Sourav Ganguly

Just like Dronacharya a spontaneous leader and a great commandant Sourav Ganguly shared the same attributes. Their contributions cannot be characterized because it is like to show the candle to the sun for such great personality.  Both were warriors who sacrificed their life in this crusade.


Arjuna: Virat Kohli

Arjuna was considered as a vital cog for Pandavas just as Virat Kohli is for the current Indian team. At a very young age, Arjuna got known for his sincerity and skill in archery whereas Kohli’s batting and temperamental abilities in India’s U’19 World Cup win earned him a place in international side.

Arjuna was known for his steadfastness and single mindedness in pursuing his goals. Same is the case with Kohli. (ICC World Cup 2015 is coming home!)   


Lord Krishna: Sachin Tendulkar


The ‘Master Blaster’, considered as one of the greatest batsmen ever in cricket just as Arjuna was one of the best archers of his generation.


Nakul, Sahadeva: Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh


The handsome twins who were part of a winning team


Karna: MS Dhoni

Sadly, just like Karna in Mahabharat, MS Dhoni is also one of the most mistaken heroes. Although one of the greatest warriors of Mahabharata and Indian Cricket team respectively they both suffered as victims of taunts and ridicules.


Eklavya: Shane Bond 

Both were destined for success but Eklavya’s archery was cut short by the incident where he was asked to cut away his thumb and gift it to his teacher. On the other hand, Bond’s injuries cut short his career. But both remain in people’s memories as one of the best in business. 


Bhishma Pitamah: Sir Don Bradman 


And most highly respected by one and all, simply untouchable!


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