The biggest problem team India has had for a long time is the quality of bowlers that hit the scene away from home when the best of squads are at ease playing a mediocre attack. There have always been players who show a lot of promise and many of them fade away.

Here are five players to play for Team India who had the potential but are now fighting for a place in the squad.

Ishant Sharma: The tall lanky pacer from Delhi took the whole world by a storm in a single spell where he had the like of Ricky Ponting fight for survival finally claiming him with a peach is one of the most erratic bowlers to have played for India. His height is a huge advantage but Sharma tries with many things at the wrong time is the biggest disappointment in the recent times for India. He also is prone to injury thus meaning that he may never reach his best fitness level and thus Sharma has always been the player in the team to show that he can be the best but ends up being less than ordinary when it matters.

Varun Aaron : For a team like India which has one of the best batting lineups in the world, its bowling has always lacked the one bowler who could rattle opposition with sheer pace and had it in him to clean up any tail in the world. Varun Aaron when first was seen gave the impression to many that he would be the bowler who would take up the new or the old ball and still have oppositions fear him with sheer pace. Touching 150k constantly in the beginning of his career Varun started to realize that clicking that pace constantly is bound to have its effects and after falling prey to a host of injuries Aaron started to slow his pace down and now no more seems the answer to the shortcomings in the teams bowling unit.  

S Sreesanth: Needing no introduction, Sreesanth who once promised to be the spearhead of the Indian attack had other ideas for his career. Sreesanth who used to bowl in the mid 140 kph consistently was wayward at times but on his day could trouble best in the business. But Sreesanth was never consistent enough to have a stamp on the bowling unit and often found himself loosing out new bowlers who had a point to prove. This lead to the inevitable, in his case where he was overtaken by something other than the passion for sport and ended his career. Now he is only remembered as the player who performed comic antics on the cricket ground and threw his career away.

Ravindra Jadeja: The social media crowned Jadeja with the title of ‘SIR’ for his contribution to team India in a series abroad in a sarcastic manner. Jadeja who looked like the perfect solution for India’s no 7 slot and his fielding which is always good made him a sure stay in the starting XI for most of India’s matches. But Jadeja is far from the real product that a team like India needs at the all-rounder’s spot. He is neither a reliable wicket taker on a difficult day nor a player you would want to finish off a huge run chase for the team. However Jadeja will find a place in most starting XI’s for India for a package as a whole but has a lot of improving to do before he becomes one of the best all rounder’s in the sport.

 Harbhajan Singh:  The highest wicket taking off-spinner that the country has ever seen features in this list because of the number of years ago that the feat was achieved and that a player of that caliber who still has a lot cricket left is only seen in club cricket and is not even in contention for a place in the squad of the national team. Harbhajan Singh who was very aggressive for a spinner always had the right solution when the team needed him but faded away slowly. He still has a few years of cricket left and is quite amusing that a spinner of his quality is finding it hard to perform on a consistent basis and that he is not deemed good enough to play for the national squad where he once was the most lethal weapon. We hope to see him in action in Indian blues again but it might be a long way before he gets there.

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