India managed to hold Australia at 2-0 in the 4-match test series. A note-worthy aspect was that India used as many as 17 players in their different playing 11 combinations. Here is a look at the list of maximum players used by India in an Overseas Test series in their test history.

The recently concluded series stands first on this list with a use of 17 players and that too in a 4-match Test series. Australian team used 15 players in this series. Followed by this is India’s tour to England in 1959, where Indian team used 17 players again but in this series English team used as many as 21 players and also that was a 5-match series.

3rd on this list is India’s tour of England in 2014, where Indian team used 16 players compared to 14 by the English team. Fourth on the list is India’s tour of Pakistan in 1982-83, which was a 6-match series and Indian team again used 16 players. 5th on this list is India’s tour of Australia in 1947-48, where Indian team again used 16 players but Australia used 18 in the series.

Next in the line is India’s tour to New Zealand of 1980-81, where India again used 16 players but this was just a 3-match series and New Zealand used just 12 in the series. This is followed by India’s forgettable tour of England in 2011, where India was clean swept 4-0 and India used 16 players compared to England’s 13.

Here is the full Table –

Series Year Tests Home team players used Indian Players used Series Result
Australia vs India 2014-15 4 15 17 0-2
England vs India 1959 5 21 17 0-5
England vs India 2014 5 14 16 1-3
Pakistan vs India 1982-83 6 16 16 0-3
Australia vs India 1947-48 5 18 16 0-4
New Zealand vs India 1980-81 3 12 16 0-1
England vs India 2011 4 13 16 0-4
West Indies vs India 1961-62 5 18 16 0-5

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