Sixes!!! Six is the ultimate hit in cricket. Not only it makes the spectators overjoyed but also makes the batsmen proud. A bowler can get unsettled if the batsman hits him out of the ground for a six and disturbs his rhythm. Sixes are very common in T20s and ODIs. In Test matches sixes are not hit frequently. But nowadays due to players habituated with hitting big shots in the limited over formats, lots of sixes are seen in Test matches as well. Here are some of the batsmen who have hit the most amount of over boundaries in Test matches.

1. Adam Gilchrist (Australia) – 100 sixes in Test Cricket

adam gilchrist most sixes in test cricket 100
Adam Gilchrist changed the definition of the role of wicketkeepers in a team. This hard hitting Australian batsman usually batted at number 7 and was known for scoring quickly. In his Test cricket career, Gilchrist has hit 100 sixes in the 96 matches he has played and is on top of the list.

2. Chris Gayle (West Indies) – 98 sixes in Test Cricket

Chris Gayle West Indies – 98 sixes

When it comes to sixes, the name the readily pops up in our mind is of Chris Gayle. This hard hitting opener has entertained us with lots of sixes in the IPL. But in Tests too, he maintains his fame of hitting sixes regularly. In the 102 Tests played so far, Gayle has hit 98 sixes and is placed right behind Gilchrist in this list.

3. Jacques Kallis (South Africa/ICC) – 97 sixes in Test Cricket

Jacques Kallis South Africa/ICC – 97 sixes

Former South African all rounder Jacques Kallis has hit lots of sixes in his 19 year long international career. In Test cricket, while playing for South Africa and the ICC team, Kallis has hit 97 sixes in his 166 Test appearances. He is placed third in the list of highest six hitters.

4. Virender Sehwag (India/ICC) – 91 sixes in Test Cricket

Virender Sehwag India/ICC – 91 sixes

One of India’s most attacking batsmen, Virender Sehwag entertained the crowd with hard hitting and attacking style of batting in all the forms of cricket. However his performance was excellent in Test Cricket. The only Indian batsman to have scored two triple centuries, Sehwag has hit 91 sixes in the 104 Test matches that he represented India and the ICC team. He is behind Kallis, at fourth position in this list.

5. Brian Lara (West Indies/ICC) – 88 sixes in Test Cricket

Brian Lara – 88 sixes in test cricket

Legendary West Indies batsman Brian Lara was known for his classic timing. In his 16 year long career from 1990 to 2006 Lara has been successful against all bowlers on his way to score over 11000 runs in Test cricket. In the process he has also hit a large number of sixes. The only batsman to score a 400 in Tests, Lara has hit 88 sixes in his 130 Test appearances for West Indies and the ICC.

6. Chris Cairns (New Zealand) – 87 sixes in Test Cricket

Chris Cairns New Zealand – 87 sixes

Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns was known for his ability to score runs quickly in the middle order. He has rescued New Zealand from lots of tricky situations in his career. Only in 61 matches that he played he hit 87 sixes and is placed sixth on this list.

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