MS Dhoni success is due to world class batting line up

Shashi / 17 March 2015

Former Pakistan captain and coach Mushtaq Mohammad credited the belligerent form of the indian team this world cup to the world-class batting lineup that they possessed, stating to the PTI that MS Dhoni, the Indian captain, also deserved a lot of appreciation for his ingenious leadership but also added that a captain is only as successful as the team he has out there in the field.

He also praised Dhoni, and his assiduity, in uplifting the morale of his team after a disastrous tour to Australia, and reinstalling the self-belief in them that they have retaliated so strongly in the world cup.

When enquired about the Indian team’s chances for the world cup, Mushtaq mentioned that the Indian team was capable of chasing any target imposed upon them with the resplendent batting lineup they had, but also expressed his satisfaction over the disciplined bowling by the Indian speedsters and the development of Ashwin into a match winning bowler on pitches that have been negligible conducive to swing bowling.

Mushtaq also iterated the main reason for the massive success of the sub continental teams in the present world cup was the international exposure obtained by them through IPL and other foreign league T20 tournaments.

He added that though the Pakistani players were not allowed to play in IPL, they had gained significant experience in other leagues.

Mushtaq also foresees a bright future ahead of the Indian team with the strong batting lineup they have at their backup.


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