Recently Indian Skipper Dhoni pointed towards various facet of his career in an interview to commentator Mark Nicholas which was published in a renowned website. Dhoni was very straightforward throughout the interview. He said that the day he realizes that he is no longer one of the fastest movers in the team, he would move away from cricket that day.

Mark asked him about the time span he wants to play for India in future. As reply Dhoni’s words were such that “My job is to get the team right and then move away. I couldn’t stand down after the tour here three years ago. I don’t believe in deserting when the chips are down. And speed, I’ll know it is time to finish when I am no longer one of the fastest movers in the team. At that point I will surely know age is winning.”

He also said that he want to raise some cricket training centre for the young Indians to provide good facilities and opportunities. He also added that he want to serve the Indian Army. He also got honorary title of Lieutenant Colonel in November 2011 along with shooter Abhinav Bindra. He said that his wife is third most important thing after his country and his parents, in that order. While he is an Indian cricketer, he will devote himself to that cause, he added. He said that he want to play in all formats of the game and to play as much as possible because before long it will be over. Then he could focus more on Army.

Dhoni had studied manoeuvres of geography and physics, and of mental application to various challenges. He was given four regiments to choose but he chose the fifth Parachute Regiment as it is a hundred per cent volunteer regiment. He also said that one day he will train with them and jump with them too because he is keen to truly earn his wings.

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