Indian skipper MS Dhoni bid farewell to Test Cricket today. Over the years, Dhoni never shied away from facing the media even during India’s dismal overseas performances. He confidently said what he wanted to and accepted the mistakes the team was making. And today also, while giving his last press conference as the Test captain, he did the same.  So let’s get across to the transcript of his last press conference as the Test captain of India:

On Australia’s delayed declaration:

“Well, I have two answers to it and that depends upon what kind of an answer people want to hear. Whether they want a spicy or a sober one, but I would say that its their territory, let them decide and its up to them when they really want to declare.”

On both teams having a go at each other:

“Well certainly its good for the spectators. If you see what spectators, apart from seeing good cricket, loads of runs, sixes, fours and wickets, love to see oppositions having a go at each other, but at the same time as international cricketers, we know the boundaries and all the players should certainly live within those boundaries and must respect the privacy of opposition players. Till these guidelines are followed, I’m fine with it, but in this game (Melbourne Test), the temperature was high and that has been throughout the series also.”

On whether Australia’s delayed declaration was influenced by the way India have played in this series:

“Well to some extent I would say that yes, the reason being if you see Adelaide was assisting the spinners and we had a bit of partnership going, but we lost a couple of quick wickets. If we would have played the total number of overs, the result would have been in our favour.”

On promoting KL Rahul to number 3:

“The thought on promoting Rahul to number 3 was that he loves to play his shots at the top. He opens the batting for Karnataka and we knew his ability. This gave us an option to test him at the top. He was batting very well in the nets and looked compact. So, he shouldn’t be judged on one performance. And this is the new era of cricketers where they want to play their shots to get out of the pressure situations. So, overall I was happy with his approach, although it didn’t pay in this game, but he is definitely a bright prospect for the future.”

On drawing the Melbourne Test:

“Well going into this Test, we knew we couldn’t win the series, so that was something we had to get terms with. Once we went onto the ground, we wanted to win it. Till the time we started batting today, the game was well-placed. But during our chase, we lost some early wickets and it became difficult to chase the target. So, I felt that a draw would be an acceptable result to us and to come out of the trouble and save this Test was satisfying.” 


Image Courtesy: cricketaustralia

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