Stuart Binny, Samuel Badree and Owais Shah, whose names were accidentally taken by Justice TS Thakur in the 2013 IPL corruption case in the Supreme Court on Friday, have been cleared by the Mudgal Committee. 

A reliable source, close to the case confirmed that the Stuart Binny(Rajasthan Royals), Samuel Badree(Chennai Super Kings) and Owais Shah(Rajasthan Royals) haven’t done anything wrong and their names have been absolutely cleared by the committee report. 

There was no context made regarding the reasons for naming them. Within a few minutes, their names appeared on Twitter and were flashed by most television news channels across India. The court then asked the media present to hold back the names and though the names were removed in a short while, by then had already been in wide circulation.

It is understood that the names of Binny, Badree and Shah had cropped up during an incident pertaining to Rajasthan Royals, and upon investigation, the names of the three were cleared without any doubt.


Image Courtesy: sportskeeda

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