Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is all smiles that the team which he manages emerged victorious in the recently concluded CPL T20 tournament. This is the first time that Shah Rukh Khan is managing a league other than KKR. He has reaped success for KKR on two occasions and in the first stint as an owner for the Caribbean league he managed to reign supreme with his team. By Sunday evening, the Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner may well be in a mood to throw a party. 

Khan was banned from entering the Wankhede in May 2012 for five years after a scuffle and heated altercation with a security guard and the MCA officials following an IPL game in which KKR beat the Mumbai Indians. Now, however, a certain section in the MCA wants that ban, which was supposed to end in 2017, to be lifted a couple of years earlier itself, since SRK has already served a substantial period of it (three years) ‘respectfully’ without trying to enter the stadium at any stage.

The MCA had offered to temporarily lift the ban on Shah Rukh last year, in what was a failed attempt at bringing back the IPL final from Bangalore to Mumbai. That offer, however, was just for the final.

But This time around, the ban has been consigned to history for good. Yes, the Mumbai Cricket Association has lifted the ban on Bollywood superstar and he is now allowed to enter Wankhede stadium. 


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