Mustafa Kamal from Bangladesh was a part of the presentation ceremony on air in the Final of the World Cup but was removed subsequently. Kamal was in Australia before the match between India and Bangladesh and was to stay until after the final.

However after Bangladesh lost to India in the quarters by 106 runs, Kamal came out and questioned the integrity of the match officials in public. He never accepted to apologize and stood by his statement which made ICC pull him out of the ceremony at the final.

By breaching his ambassador role and also questioning the officials integrity, Kamal always looked like he would be thrown out but ICC took a very patient path and gave a chance to Kamal to apologize and take back his comments.

Kamal who never looked like apologizing was declared not to be present in the presentation at the final after a meeting held for the purpose of this issue. It was also decided that the matter will be further taken up in Dubai and a chance given to Kamal later in the calendar.

A source said what Kamal has done was really disappointing and that there was no way he could be a part of the presentation where he would hand out medals to Umpires whom he previously offended.

Kamal later resigned from the post and issued a letter where he apologized to everyone he offended and that now he had no complaints on anyone.

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