N. Srinivasan slammed by Anurag Thakur

Krishna Chopra / 28 April 2015

The ongoing tussle within the BCCI reached a new high altogether when board secretary Anurag Thakur openly slammed N. Srinivasan, the chairman of the ICC. Thakur went on to say that before speaking about someone else, Srinivasan should share the bookie related information to his family members first “whose involvement in betting has been proved”.

This furious attack by Thakur came one day after the ICC gave him a warning of staying away from suspected bookies. Thakur countered this by writing an open letter to N. Srinivasan by questioning the integrity of the latter.

Earlier, reports had emerged about the ICC sending a shocking letter to the BCCI about Thakur being spotted with an alleged bookie Karan Gilhotra in Chandigarh. Thakur, who is a BJP MP made his views crystal clear through the following statement:

“The BCCI has received intimation from the ICC ostensibly under your direction that I should keep away from one Mr. Karan Gilhotra who is a ‘suspected bookie’. The intimation further states that the information is further unverified. 

“I have earlier been Joint Secretary of the BCCI under your Presidentship and I am now Secretary BCCI. I only wish that you had shared the list of ‘unverified suspected bookies’ with me and other colleagues so that we could identify such persons and keep away from them. I have known this person, who has been active in political and cricketing activities in Punjab and adjacent states. I had no knowledge or any clue about his ‘activities as a suspected bookie.”

Thakur didn’t stop here and went on to say, it is curious that intimation about having known this ‘suspected bookie’ was brought to the ICC notice by your friend Mr. Neeraj Gunde. Mr. Neeraj Gunde incidentally is circulating to the media in Delhi the details of documents against your critics in the BCCI. He operates on your behalf”.

Thakur said that the timing of the letter from the ICC was inappropriate and Srinivasan was the main force behind it as he had personal issues with Thakur regarding the latter’s post as the BCCI secretary.

“I would request atleast now share with me or other colleagues in BCCI the list of suspected bookies in India so that we may keep away from them. You may also share this information with your family members whose involvement in betting has been proved,” Thakur said.  

“Since the ICC advisory to me had been made in public I would be making this letter to you public,” wrote Thakur in his letter.

It is understood that the letter from the ICC was discussed in the meeting of the BCCI Working Committee but President Jagmohan Dalmiya paid no attention to it. A lot of individuals believe that even though the ICC comes under the jurisdiction of Dave Richardson, it was on Srinivasan’s behest that this letter was penned.




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