Sudip Chatterjee, one of the most promising batsmen in Bengal who has struck three centuries in the Ranji Trophy this season, might get into the India A probables in near future.

Chatterjee’s performance has been highly appreciated by national selector from east zone, former cricketer Saba Karim recently. It has also been learnt that Rahul Dravid who is looking after the under-19 Indian national squad, has expressed curiosity over this Bengal batsman. Saba Karim who was in the city recently, said, “Sudip has been consistent since the beginning of the Ranji Trophy this season.

He has scored not only three centuries he has impressed me by his style of play also. He always looks very firm while batting. And he has shown perfect temperament while batting, even in crisis period. He must get opportunity to move ahead by getting into the probables for the under-19 Indian squad.” Saba is also impressed by Chatterjee’s excellent fielding ability. 

It is learnt that Saba has asked the batsman to start bowling also along with batting.

Dravid has also reportedly expressed curiosity over Chatterjee mainly due to his patience while scoring his last century. Chatterjee however, does not look elated at all even after heard the praise.

Rather he said, “I am looking forward to Bengal’s ongoing match against Vidharva. I am only concentrating on my performance in this match. I know, if you can perform in each match then you will get call in the bigger platform.”


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