New Zealand speedster Neil Wagner is supposed to be the man who bowled a 160kmph delivery, if not for a low-flying bird who might have caused the speed to climb up, during the second day of the 1st Test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Dunedin.

The bowl was bowled to Dinesh Chandimal during Sri Lanka’s first innings. The television channels instantly showed a clocked speed of 160 kmph – a benchmark only broken by greats like Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait, Jeff Thompson and just few weeks ago by Australia’s Mitchell Starc during a Test against New Zealand at Perth.

As soon as the speed was reflected on the television screens, debates all over started flowing in. The 29-year old bowler is not a flat-out fast bowler. He regularly bowls at a speed of 130 clicks and a 160 kmph record-breaking delivery out-of-nowhere was not very well supported and logical according to many pundits.

According to, a member of Sky’s production team claimed that a low-flying bird could have been the reason for the inaccurate display from one of the two speed guns in use at Dunedin’s University Oval. Another theory is that a laser could have been the reason.

Currently, Mitchell Starc holds the record for bowling the fastest delivery in Test cricket (160.4 kmph). It was bowled to Ross Taylor during the drawn WACA Test in November. Even after that record-breaking feat was achieved, New Zealand coach didn’t agree with it. “That delivery came out of nowhere and looked pretty similar to a lot of deliveries through the day that were closer to 150 than 160. I’m not sure if maybe the wrong button was pushed. But you’d have to ask Rosco whether it felt 10km/h quicker than any other delivery he faced.” He said.


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