The term ‘Tailored pitch’ is not something new. Every time a side prepares to host a team on its home soil, there are certain things they ensure will favor them. The 22 yards obviously fall in the priority list.

However, visitors Australia would not have thought the home advantage would stretch to some unimaginable extent where the Indian team will be given variety of tracks to choose ahead of the third Test at Ranchi.

According to a report by New Zealand Herald, a miscommunication led to the news spread that chief curator SB Singh told media at the JSCA International Stadium that he had prepared three separate tracks for the Indian team to choose from.

Had the news been real, Steven Smith & Co. surely would not have been amused and the spirit of the game would have come under the limelight. But, thankfully, it later turned out that the team about which the pitch curator was referring to was the officials arriving to inspect the stadium.

“It’s true that we have prepared three pitches – No.4, 5 and 7 – for the match,” he said in an interview with Times of India. “But I have never said anything about Kohli being allowed to have his say on the pitch for the match.

“Each of them will behave differently. The team will choose the strip two days before the match,” Singh said.

The JSCA secretary also confirmed the news.

The JSCA secretary also confirmed the news.

“SB Singh is right,” said JSCA secretary Debashis Chakraborty.

“We have nine pitches here at the stadium and of which three have been prepared for this Test as is the norm with any other association hosting a Test match.

The curator also assured the track which has been laid out will be a sporting one, and will behave much better then the “poor” deck in Pune and the ‘unpredictable’ one in Bengaluru.

“The pitch will suit both the batsmen and bowlers and will definitely last five days,” he concluded.


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