Proposal for Day-Night test series has been considered seriously by the International Cricket Council (ICC) recently. On that note, the players’ union of the New Zealand Cricket team stated that the ‘pink ball’, which will be used for the day night test matches needs to be tested by the Kiwi squad before they take part in a day night test match.

According to a renowned news source, the New Zealand Cricket Council (NZC) along with the Cricket Australia (CA) has announced last week about their intentions to try to stage a day-night test match in November, 2015. For that particular match, the traditional ‘red ball’ will not be used and instead of that, ‘pink ball’ will be used to ensure perfect visibility of the ball under the flood light.

But in a matter of just a few days, there was an announcement from the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) about the fact that a majority of the players in the Aussie squad believed that the ball was not been ready for the longer versions of the game. But Cricket Australia has already tested the pink ball successfully. The ball was trailed in Cricket Australia’s four-day Sheffield Shield competition and will again test it in this November.

The President of the Australian Cricketers’ Association(ACA), Paul Marsh said that only about 11 percent of the players rated the trial of the ‘pink ball’ as a success. Though there were many complains against the ball too. Many said that the ball went soft very quickly and it did not swing, did not seam and also did not reverse swing.

The chief executive of New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association, Heath Mills also said that there had been no trials in New Zealand and also there are no chances for players to exclaim their views regarding the ball and thus they want a trial match with the ball to have some knowledge about it.


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