Night Nurses: Chris 'World boss' Gayle goes under the knife for the first time

Paulami Chakraborty / 26 August 2015

Having oneself operated is probably the worst nightmare one can have. The fear of the success ratio, if will be able to be back on track, what if I die thoughts and so on. But when it’s the ‘World Boss’ going under the knife, you can expect fun tweets even in that situations.

Recently, the Windies star decided to get himself operated to find a permanent cure for his long trailing back problems. While the world went on praying to the God for his well-being, the cool cricketer tweeted an array of pictures and tweets that’s going viral. Starting from his doctors to his nurses, he is updating it all and the world is enjoying the entertainer’s work. So, if you haven’t yet seen them, here is a compilation of the best tweets of the Carribean during his betterment session:

The news and meeting the doctors:

The big concern:


If a problem regarding love life, ask the Janta:


Thanksgiving in style:


And acknowledging your ‘night nurses’ is a must:


Everyone loves chocolate, isn’t it?




Though the champ’s tweets are giving us a laugh but we love to see him on the field smashing big sixes and scoring huge. So hereby wishing him a speedy recovery. Keep making it large, ‘World Boss’.

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