Rohit Sharma at No. 3 is a burning issue in Indian cricket right now. Rohit and failure go hand in hand, at least in Test cricket. He is a cricketer with immense talent but delivers seldom and fails several times. When he performs he blows away oppsition. Rohit when fails is a meek crickter, but with storming performance he is so brutal to kill things that comes to the line of his bat.

It almost seems as if he is lazy and he scores when he wants, I;m sure he wants to score everytime he goes out to bat, but the perception os very different. 

Rohit is more tangible than any other batsman who has potential to score big. Rohit Sharma is more popular than rival for his spot in the team Pujara, so he always gets moral advantage over Suarashtra batsman.

Legends like, Sunil Gavaskar thinks if Rohit perform then India could score 300 runs in one day in a Test. But the question is when Rohit will perform? Rohit Sharma’s performances are like rain in Indian summer. People get desparate for rain in hot and saltry summer, but rain comes to its own wish and deluges the country.

Rohit with excellent IPL performance and ocassional long innings in ODI has erected his name in the heart of his fans. For me Rohiti’s performance seems fata morgana as I think he will perform now and then. 

Rohit enjoyes a moral advantage not only from fans but also from Sandeep Patil lead Selector’s Committee and former captains like Sourav Ganguly , Ravi Sashtri, who is Team Director also, and Sunil Gavaskar.

In this circmstances Cheteshar Pujara who has better average (47.11) than Rohit Sharma (35.84) is living in silhouette. Like Rohit Sharma, Pujara has recorded lean patches. He was droped since the Australia tour. In India’s 2-0 loss in four match series in Australia saw Pujara has better average in Australia with best 73 in Adelaide while Rohit scored only 53 in Sydney, his best in Australia.

Rohit Sharma at Sydney bowled by off Nathan Lyon

Pujara who proved himself at No.3, suddenly found an unlikey rival Rohit Sharma who has issues in Test cricket, be it his own doing mostly. Rohit, is not Virender Sehwag who could score runs consistently. Pujara has 50 plus average against Asutralia, 40 plus against England, 65 plus against West Indies while Rohit started with a bang, but has lost the touch since then.

India needs a batsman who has flawless technique to handle spin and pace; Pujara has that quality. He in 27 Test scored two double hundred against England and Australia respectively in home conditions. He also scored six centuries , one of his century (153) came in Johannesburg against Dale Steyn whereas Rohit Sharma scored two hundred that too came on flat pitch of Eden Gardens and Wankhede Stadium against a compratively weak team West Indies.

Cheteshwar Pujara failed to cope with pace of Mitchell Johnson at Brisbane.

Once Pujara was regarded as next Rahul Dravid of India, but his failure gave Rohit Sharma a chance in Indian team. Now, instead of giving a chance to a Test match specialist, Indian selectors, captain, and Team is focusing on some one whos performance is like mirage.

Indians still overwhelmed by Rohit Sharma’s 264 in ODI at Eden Gardens which has damaged team’s prospects more than doing any good. The shining light of IPL and colour ODI cricket has helped Rohit enjoy moral advantage over Pujara.

Pujara is a orthodox batsman that makes him less popular among IPL loving audience in India.

Pujara could be strong foundation for India at No. 3 to handle the venom of spin of Sri Lanka, swing of England, and pace of South Africa and Australia. India have to keep their patience not with Rohit Sharma but with Pujara to shape a specialist Test batsman for the No.3 position in the team for future well being of Indian Test cricket.

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