No decision taken on cheerleaders says IPL chairman Ranjib Biswal

Shashi / 10 March 2015

IPL chairman Rajiv Biswal, commented on Monday that no decisions had yet been taken regarding prohibition of cheerleaders from IPL matches.

Since the beginning of the IPL, there have been rampant protests from political factions as well as right wing extremist groups against cheerleading citing their ”Inappropriate dressing” and defiling of the Indian culture. 

Biswal stated the trend of after parties had already declined and was reduced to nothingness. In addition to this, he also iterated that no formal decision had yet been formulated regarding banning cheerleaders from the IPL.

IPL that has emerged as an enticing entertainment avenue, for sponsors as well as entertainment companies and media houses, might degrade on its glamour and luxury quotient if a decision is taken against cheerleaders, who engross a sizeable population of the cricket crazy smarm, and also provides them an alternative to the high voltage cricket action, which sometimes becomes too hot to handle.

IPL 8 is scheduled from 8th of April and ensues on the 24th of May.


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