After series lose to India, legends and critic have started to question Steven Smith’s leadership skill. Australia under Steve Smith is yet to win an away test series. Before India, a down and out Sri Lankan squad whitewashed Kangaroos. Former Australian spinner Kerry O’Keeffe in a talk show said Steven Smith is too emotional to lead Australian Team.

O’keefe feels Smith sometimes gets too emotional which leads him to over-react in some situation. This recently concluded is pretty emotional one from both team’s perspective. There were words being exchanged by the captains before and after the game, there was some intense players battle.

“He leads from the front and he’s finding out that… but is he temperamentally sound enough to be the captain of Australian team?”

In the post-match presentation, Australian Captain Steven Smith apologised for all the emotional stuff that had to happen in the series. Australian skipper was involved in a spat with the Indian Captain where they both said a lot about each other during the Test series.

Towards the end of the fourth Test match, Smith was caught in camera labelling Murali Vijay “F*****g cheat” when Murali Vijay claimed a catch which was taken just centimetres above the ground.

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