In an off the field controversy about the cricketing festival, the IPL, an organization working for the welfare of artists, which includes 3500 authors musicians lyricists and also producer, has issued a notice to the IPL.

The organization which deals in collecting money from different events and paying up the sum in royalties to its members issued a notice to the organizers of the event, Ranjib Biswal, chairman of the BCCI and also the CEO of the stadium for the payment of Performance license or royalties.

The regional head of the IPRS, Avishek Basu said on Sunday that the cost for music throughout the tournament has been paid like every year but the fees for the opening ceremony is yet to be paid.

Basu who said that there are a lot of generes of music that they have rights on added that they have asked for the payment of the royalties many a times and after only being avoided they have taken the step to serve up legal notices to the organizers.

If the organizers do not pay up they are liable for infringement of copyrights under section 51 of the copy right act said Basu. The IPRS who has greats like the Illayaraja and AR Rehman along with Anu Malik, Gulzar as its members has urged the IPL not to start the ceremony without obtaining proper licenses. 

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