Oldest living cricketer Norman dies at the age of 103

Shashi / 03 September 2014

World’s oldest Test cricketer , South African Norman Gordon died on Tuesday at Johannesburg on Tuesday at the age of 103 . The incident was reported by former Test cricketer Ali Bache, a close friend of Normon , who also says that he died around 2 am. He was the only cricketer left , who played before cricket before the Second World War.

Norman was born on August 6, 1911 was the longest lived cricketer and was the last of all the cricketers who played during the Timeless Tests played between Australia and South Africa , the Test match which could not even produce a result even after the match being played for 10 days.

The other record held by Norman is the record for bowling the most number of deliveries in a Test match, which being 738 balls in his case which he bowled during the Timeless test against Australia.

Norman was born in a Jewish family and once he recalled that he was heckled by an spectator who said ”  Here comes the rabbi ” , when he ran to bowl his first delivery in test cricket.

Norman’s death means that Former  South Africa bowler Lindsay Tuckett is now the oldest living cricketer now, with he being 95 at present. 

In 2011 , Norman celebrated his 100th Birthday, along with some of the other South African cricketing legends  including Shaun Pollock, Mkhaya Ntini, Peter Pollock and others. Then , Norman was the first ever cricketer to have celebrated his 100th birthday.

Twitter has been flooded with this . Famous statistician , Mohandas Menon, who is alos the head of the Statistician society of Cricket in India also  paid his part to Norman. His tweet said “Former South African cricketer Norman Gordon died today at the age of 103y-27d. In 2011 he turned 100 the only Test cricketer to do so “



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