Once in a life time run out

Sudipta / 09 January 2016

Most bizarre run out in the history of cricket has happened today as Melbourne Stars spinner was hit one the head while bowling to Dwyane Bravo in Docksland Stadium in Melbourne today.

In the third ball of the 12th over Zampa turned his right as Bravo flicked the ball on his on the right side. But the shot hit the bat of non striking batsman Peter Nevill and deflected that strike on Zampa’s head and again deflected and hit the stump. Nevill got run out. 

In football often goal scores from deflection, but in cricket where batsman hit the ball hard, deflection from the head is rare. 

You can image a football match on cricket field because Nevill misses passed the through ball from Bravo that was headed to goal, in cricket, it is now run out. 

However, Zampa fell on the ground in pain.Physio rushed to the ground. The injury was not severe. 


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