Operation Master Blaster – Sting Operation reveals how Big players broke BCCI rules

Nikhil Deshpande / 26 July 2014

In a remarkable breakthrough in the world of Cricket a new sting operation by News Express TV channel was broadcasted on Monday in which names of many senior player’s and BCCI official’s names were brought to light accusing them of fiddling with the pitch on numerous occasions.

The channel named this sting operation as #OperationMasterBlaster reasoning it as they exposed master players’ involvement in the number of international matches and domestic matches too. They have captured ten leading present and past curators of BCCI and their confessions o=in a secret video recording.

The video and the operation also brought to everyone’s notice at how the details regarding the pitch conditions are revealed easily to strangers and people who use it illegally for betting purposes later on. This is clearly against the rules of BCCI and they claim it happens every time.

Following clause of the BCCI rule book prohibits authorities and players from any kind of tampering with pitch:

Clause 7.3(A) of BCCI rule book permits only team coach and captain to visit pitch before the match and they are also not allowed to step over it.

Clause 7.3 (C) prohibits from wearing spike shoes over pitch before the start of match.

Clause 7.3 (E) prohibits any interference in the work of Pitch curators.

Clause 7.4 states if changes in pitch are required due to some reason then a procedure has to be followed.

Clause 2.1 (1) states any tampering with the conditioning of pitch is illegal.

Clause 2.1 (3) Prohibits authorities from revealing any information about pitch.





But the 10 curators who were secretly filmed made it quite clear how some top players and few officials made certain questionable demands for their personal benefits. Also few IPL matches from this year and some very high profile matches from yesteryear have been brought into question as to how the pitch related information was leaked before the actual game.

Those ten curators are:

BCCI pitch and Ground Committee Chairman- Daljeet Singh.
Mumbai Cricket Association Chief Curator-Sudhir Naik.
Bengal Cricket Association Chief Curator-Prabir Mukherjee.
Central Zone Chief Curator –Tapos Chaterjee.
Gujarat Association Chief Curator-Dheeraj Parsana.
East Zone Chief Curator-Ashish Bhaumik.
Jharkhand Association Chief Curator-S.B Singh.
Haryana Cricket Association Chief Curator- Jasmeer Singh.
Delhi’s leading pitch curators-Radhey Shyam Sharma and Knoor Mohammad.

The two reporters who made this investigation have recorded all the conversation in almost 3500-pages, this sting has also exposes how bookies are benefited by this tampering of cricket pitches.

Knoor Mohammad even revealed how Chetan Sharma entered into a conflict with him over the conditioning of pitch and got the pitch changed without his consent.

Haryana Cricket Association Chief Curator- Jasmeer Singh alleged involvement of Sachin Tendulkar in pitch temperament practices.

Bengal Cricket Association Chief Curator-Prabir Mukherjee claimed that all Indian cricket officials and players are saleable.

This is one side of the story with curators revealing some very controversial statements in the video but there is also the debate that having the home advantage does give you the benefit of being able to call the shots for the pitch. This story is still up for a debate but either the rules need to be stringent or to be changed. 

Here are the remaining parts of the sting operation










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