It is said that miracles don’t happen everyday. However, it has. It wasn’t a long time back when James Tull did a miracle of scoring 381 runs in a 44 over game. Well, if you call that a miracle, this one is magical. It is way beyond anyone’s imagination. 

Taieri batsman, a mere 22 year old Callum Egen smashed 381 not out in a third grade game against Kaikorai at Brockwille on Saturday.
Folks, have a read to that number one more time, THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE. It even gets past Matthew Hayden’s Test high score. The way Egen has batted in this innings would make everyone speechless. What makes it incredible is the fact that it was a 40 over game. Taeri went on to post 510 for 3, the scorecard actually stops at 480.

Callum Egen in his innings blasted 43 sixes and 20 fours, i.e. 338 runs in boundaries. He along with his elder brother Gareth Egen added 250 for the first wicket. Gareth just contributed 38 in those 250.

“I don’t know if you can really explain it, to be fair” younger Egen said to Otago Daily Times.

On the other hand, the full team of Kaikorai managed only 72 runs before all got out. 

Cricket is a funny game indeed. Miracles do happen in here on a regular basis.

    Archit Athani Writer

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