Owners ‘surprised’ by BCCI’s mini IPL announcement

Nagendra / 25 June 2016

The Indian Premier League franchise owners were in surprise on Friday when BCCI announced ‘mini-IPL’ which will be a condensed format of the mega event and will take place for two weeks in September.

The surprise was because they learnt about the BCCI’s plans to host ‘IPL Overseas’ and make it an annual affair through media as they had no clue regarding this move earlier. BCCI was keen to replace the scrapped Champions League T20 and replace it with a another T20 league.

A lengthy discussion took place on the final day of BCCI conclave at Dharmasala and the board officials have given a go ahead to the anticipated tournament as the idea was on the cards since the start of May.

September is a month where all the teams get some time to relax in the middle of the season and ICC were planning to shift the World T20 to this month in the future editions but with BCCI keen to make it the mini-IPL an annual affair, another battle might very well happen.

“Either way you look at it, it’s going to build up into another battle for the September slot between the BCCI and the ICC,” said a cricket industry executive.

BCCI is yet to conduct meeting with the franchise owners to discuss about ‘IPL overseas’ as they seem to have no clue about it. “We have no clue. All we know is what the media’s reported,” said two franchise officials while one franchise owner’s reaction was a simple “what’s that?” when asked for a reaction on the ‘IPL overseas’.

The board should discuss all the aspects of conducting such tournament as it involves a lot of logistics, finances and other key issues which the franchise owners should look into before going forward.

“Champions League earned franchises half-a-million dollars as appearance fees every year and in turn, franchises had to pay their players 10% of the IPL fee per season if the team qualified. The entire operations were also managed by the BCCI, logistics included. Is it going to work on the same lines or any different, we have no clue,” the franchise official said.

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