Pakistani actress Meera, if reliable reports are to be believed, has been extremely cosy about the dream that if by any chance the current Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman and famous all-rounder that Pakistan has ever produced, Imran Khan proposes her, she will not be a least hesitant to accept the proposal with utmost gratitude. It will be her dream coming true if such a handsome and good man by heart comes and proposes her and asks for her hand, and if sources are to be given a roundabout belief once again, then Meera had made the news about her secret (not so secret though) intentions speculated and go all ears once before.

On being asked by the Pakistani journalists and reporters again, Meera confessed that she still possesses such intentions and till date, dreams of marrying Imran. If given a chance to marry him, or rather, Imran Khan, by any whatsoever weird means, end up proposing her, then she is definitely the one to accept it and go full mad, for it will be the fulfilment of her dream. Though good on the part of Meera, who has been previously been linked to several nude sex based scams and scandals, how good it will be though on part of Imran Khan was a million dollar question though, especially, as far as his political career and cricketing image is concerned.

Khan has been the finest cricketer Pakistan has ever produced, or the biggest heartthrob the Pakistani feminine gender has ever craved to die for. Extremely suave, poignantly erudite and monstrously talented, he gave cricket in the subcontinent a real sex appeal in the era of 1970s and 1980s. During one of his rallies previously, the 62 year old had jokingly said that one of the reasons he wanted is his demands to be met urgently in order for him to end the sit-in was so that he could get married as early as possible.

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