Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently released details of its new constitution which aims at introducing a more democratic process of governance in the board. PCB is trying to establish a democratic setup of governance.


Excerpts of the new constitution were released just one day after the Supreme Court announced in a short order that the government should name an interim chairman and election commissioner within a week to hold fresh elections in the board.


It also accepted by a written confirmation from sitting chairman, Najam Sethi that he would not be contesting the PCB elections. Due previous dispute such a situation has occurred.


Sethi also later stated to the media in different interviews that the elections will be held within 30 days after the appointment of the election commissioner.

Sethi said that as soon as the election commissioner is appointed, he and the IMC would go home and he has no intentions to contest for the post of chairman this was statement of Sethi as told to News One TV.

Sethi added that the elections will be held under the amended PCB constitution, which was not only approved by the SC but also was described as a truly democratic document.

Sethi also denied there was any post of a powerful Managing Director created in the new constitution.

As said by him there is no powerful Managing Director coming in, in fact the powers of the chairman have been curtailed to empower the Board of governors. The chairman can now be dismissed through two-third majority votes.

This atleast appears to confirm the clauses in the new constitution released by the board. A sense of democracy is seen in the process of Governance.

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