Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Stopped at Kolkata Airport

Shashi / 10 May 2015

Not long after having won their first cricket match during a month long tour to Bangladesh, the PCB would have wanted all to be rosy. But a PCB official had a bit of a trouble entering into India.

Sharyar Khan the PCB chief was set to meet Jagmohan Dalmiya the chief o the Board of Cricket in India at Kolkata on Saturday. Khan who arrived at the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International airport was stopped from getting into the city by the airport authorities.

It was later learned that Khan was detained in the airport after arriving from Dhaka for ‘Not entering the country in through an approved route’.

However, Khan was later allowed into the city and to meet Dalmiya after he was regarded as a special case after the intervention of the Union Home Minister.

The problem Khan faced at the airport was due to the stringent rules that the nation follows in matters regarding entry of Pakistan immigrants into the nation. According to the home ministry, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Attari in Amritsar are the only places where Pakistan immigrants are approved to enter the nation. An official at the airport added that Khan was stopped at 9:30 for entering the nation as a Pakistan immigrant from a place not approved by the Home Ministry.

It was because of the fact that Khan was in India to meet Dalmiya that made the Union Ministry regard him as a special case and later let him into the city.


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