Pakistan's oldest test cricketer passes away

Krishna Chopra / 03 February 2016

Former Pakistan cricketer and all-rounder Israr Ali died at the age of 88 in his hometown of Okara on the 1st of February. Aged 88 at the time of his death, he was Pakistan’s oldest test cricketer and has his name etched in history. The cause of Ali’s death is said to be a pneumonia attack.

Ali was a part of Pakistan’s first ever test side which toured India in 1952-53. Before making his international debut, Ali played for Punjab in 1946-47, before India and Pakistan were partitioned. However, post the 1947 period, Ali played for Pakistan. In all, the all-rounder played four tests, two of which were played in 1952-53, and the rest two during a series against Australia in 1959-60.

Ali was often termed as a promising all-rounder before his international career came to an abrupt end. As per Ali himself in an interview, the reason for his short career coming to an end was his fallout with then Pakistan captain Abdul Hafeez Kardar. According to Ali, disagreements with Pakistan’s most influential cricketer of the time ended his cricket career.

“Life has been very simple so far and I am satisfied with it,” Israr said to ESPN Cricinfo in an interview in 2012. “But fighting with Kardar was my biggest regret. He was truly the best man in the history of Pakistan cricket. I went to him in Karachi to talk about my attitude and we resolved all the issues but it was too late,” Ali said back in 2012.

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