With a bid to stop Hardik Patel from causing any problem in the 3rd ODI match at Rajkot, BCCI has decided to replace MS Dhoni with Parthiv Patel. As per the latest reports, Hardik Patel has confirmed that after enough Patel’s are a part of the Indian team, he will stop protesting. With Axar Patel already in the 11, it will be interesting to see if Hardik Patel will demand further more Patel’s in the 11.

In an exclusive interview, Hardik Patel spoke out his heart and said that Parthiv Patel has scored 2 centuries in the Ranji trophy so far and Dhoni hasn’t done anything significant apart from his last match knock, so Parthiv deserves a place in the limited overs team. He added that someone who can score in Ranji deserves a go in the limited overs as well.  He also added that if needed, he will ask BCCI to include Munaf Patel, theunsung hero of the 2011 World Cup, who is better than all the pacers in the current squad.

Earlier Hardik Patel has threatened to block the path of the players during the 3rd ODI. But he slowly realised that the water bottles were allowed in the stadium as well as the match sticks, so he opted not to take a risk against a public who can throw bottles against it’s own player. Slowly, he then signed an agreement over this, after BCCI agreed to give reservation to Patel’s. 


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