The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken close to 60 percent of the money earned by the Lahore Lions during the recently 2014 Champions League T20 that took place in India a couple of weeks back. The PCB gave Mohammad Hafeez‘s team Lahore Lions which narrowly missed a chance to reach semis got only USD 100,000 out of the USD 500,000 they got from the organisers.

According to reliable sources, the PCB has pocketed $275,000 out of the appearance fees while out of the remaining amount $125,000 has been deducted as tax and the remaining $100,000 will be distributed among the players. A source in the Lahore Lions team said that their captain Hafeez had however managed to convince the PCB to allow the players to distribute the prize money they won for qualifying for the main rounds.

“The money earned from playing in the main rounds comes to around $200,000 and this amount the PCB has said can be distributed by the players. This means the players have a total pool of $300,000 to distribute among themselves. Each player should earn around $17 to 18,000 from the Champions League,” the source told PTI.

In the past also the Sialkot Stallions and Faisalabad Wolves teams which represented Pakistan in the Champions League had a dispute with the PCB over the distribution of the appearance fees.


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