As he packed his bag for a month-long boot camp with the squad, former bowler Mohammad Akram told AFP that, To meet the tough new standards Pakistan planning to train and fit its most unfit player.

For the beginning of the cricket Pakistan is one of the merciful teams in cricket and have thrived on the dedication and effort of talented players In the past but above all that all the time their fitness level have often let them down especially in fielding. For this problem they are stuck in middle rank as fitter teams like Sri Lanka,Australia and India have gone ahead in ranking.

We all know about the terrorist attack on Sri Lanka team bus in Lahor , March 2009.a total of eight people was killed in that action. Since that Pakistan is “No Go” place for international squads, so the country reputation is also very unhelpful for the team. This incident or action caused Pakistan some trouble, since Pakistan was announced a “no go” place for international squads no country want to risk their players life and for that Pakistan forced to play all of their home matches in neutral venues within the United Arab Emirates.

In spite of all that from the past few days Pakistan was trying to revive international cricket in their country and Ireland was about to come for an international tour but after 37 people died on Sunday the Karachi airport was sieged by military and Ireland cancelled their plan, dashing hopes of reviving international cricket following a five year hiatus.

Boot Camp

After taking charge of the fitness program of Pakistan and taking the charge of the boot camp Akram said that Pakistan is aiming to solve its fitness problem before the next World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

He said “We don’t have a fitness culture in Pakistan and we have no cricket schools like in England, Australia and South Africa — so it was in my mind, even in my playing days, that these sort of camps are always helpful

As per the Statement of Akram Pakistan is very concern about this fitness program and considering the 17 component of fitness as the other international team follows and a major care is taken for running including seven kilometres up and down the steps of Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium. And with all this they are also taking care of strict diet plans for the players and regular gym for the strength part.

Though Pakistan arrange this kind of boot camp before but problem was that the player forgot heir routine most often , their was no strictness and in the odd season they are reserved with unhealthy eating and forgetting their training routes, But Akram assured that this time it will be different and strictness will at the top priority and those fall short will find themselves out of the winning equation.

As he said and I quote “Fitness tests will be held every four months which will affect their central contracts, their match fees if they are not achieving their targets, We are giving them nutrition plans, If you look at the chart, we don’t want to see overweight. We don’t want to see underweight either. So they have to be taking care of their diet”.

As taking care of their fitness parallel they are also taking care of their batting attacks and trying to improve it. They are weak against quality leg spinners lie South Africa’s Imran Tahir and India’s Amit Mishra, who have recently tormented them. To ensure that all efforts give some result Pakistan have made some recruitment in last few days,Pakistan hired pace legend Waqar Younis as the team’s head coach, Zimbabwe’s Grant Flower to head the batting , Mushtaq Ahmed as spin consultant, and South African Grant Luden as a trainer and fielding coach.

Akram is very hopeful about this new changes made to Pakistan team and about this new fitness program they are about to start. Hope that Pakistan can now avoid off field Controversies.


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