Biography of Chris Gayle

Penguin Random House is set to publish a biography of West Indies cricket’s destructive opener Chris Gayle. The highly anticipated book, Six Machine, will be released around the world on June 2, 2016.

Chris Gayle is the only man to have hit a six of the first ball of a Test match and a hundred in the first match of inaugural World T20, the first to hit the first World T20 double hundred. He has hit twice as many T20 sixes as any other man and two Test triple centuries. All this is delivered with cricket’s biggest bat and even bigger smile.

Off the pitch, millions follow him on Instagram and twitter to catch a glimpse of a globetrotting life spent in a nightclub as much as, hot tubs as often as helmets and pads. He plays later, he parties later, demolishes king size stack of pancakes and the strolls out to mangle hapless bowling attack.

But do you really know him? Do we know what took a shy, skinny kid from a tin-roofed shack in the back streets of Kingston, stealing empty bottles to buy food, top  of the cricket world? This is a story not just of sporting genius but of battling prejudices; of coming nothing to everything and yet not losing yourself along the way.

Joel Rickett, publisher of Viking at Penguin Random House, said: “Chris Gayle is one of the standout characters in an increasingly bland sporting world. Like the man himself, Six Machine is outrageous and utterly original. The only comparison I can make is to I Am Zlatan by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and I think we’ve got a similar sensation on our hands.”

Chris Gayle said: “I’m really excited about releasing my first book. I hope it can reach far and wide, through cricket and beyond, for there are stories to tell and secrets I’ve waited a long time to share. Being me is fun. I don’t believe in boring. And Six Machine is me, in every way.”

The book will be written by Tom Fordyce, a chief sports writer with BBC. Wiking acquired world rights from David Lyxton at DLA. “Six Machine; I don’t like Cricket..I Love” will be published hardback, international trade paperback, and ebook on 2nd June 2016.

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