Indian skipper Virat Kohli was yet again at the target of self-proclaimed cinema critic Kamal Rashid Khan. The actor seems to be utterly frustrated with Kohli and wants him to quit the leadership role immediately.

In one of his recent tweet, he spoke with total confidence and asserted that no one wants Kohli to lead Team India.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“Bro @imVkohli 1000% people don’t want to see you as captain of Indian cricket team. So u must resign immediately!”


Seem like a beginning of a lengthy affair

KRK1 (Photo Source: Twitter)

This is not the first time KRK has taken a hit on Kohli. The habit of mocking Kohli has grown tweet by the tweet in the last few months, especially after the resignation of former coach Anil Kumble. His most recent jibe came after Ravi Shastri was finalised as the new head coach.

Speaking in the context of the relationship which Kohli and Shastri share, KRK alleged that the two will now openly influence the results of the game for illicit monetary gains.

“When Zaheer is bowling coach n Dravid is batting coach then what will @RaviShastriOfc do? Will he cut the hair of players? I mean Hajjamgiri”

“ So @ImZaheer n Rahul Dravid will do coaching, while @RaviShastriOfc will give message to @imVkohli Ki Kitna Maal Aya n kitne pe out Hona hai”

Ganguly also faces KRK’s drama

Not only Kohli, Sourav Ganguly has also faced his twitter outrage which he tries to wrap under his non-existent sheet of sarcasm. He went on to accuse CAC member Sourav Ganguly of corruption after the appointment of head coach was delayed by a day.

“Bro @SGanguly99 when you said that you will announce coach name after few days then why did you announce next day only? Kitna Maal Mila bro?”



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