Picking a wrist spinner is a bit difficult with pink ball, says Yuvraj

Sudipta Biswas / 10 September 2016

After Gautam Gambhir, Now, Yuvraj Singh, who speaks on the pink ball. The left-hander Indian batsman thinks that many batsmen in Duleep Trophy have grappled to pick wrist spinners with the pink ball.

“I felt that picking a wrist spinner is a bit difficult. I realised when I was standing in the slips that batsmen were actually struggling to pick the wrist spinner (Kuldeep). I felt that pink ball didn’t swing as much as the red ball does when it has shine,” Yuvraj told.

Yuvraj was Asked that the track would offer turn, or not.”As I said how much it will spin on a turning track, wrist spinner will obviously get help from the pink ball you will only know after the match. There is less turn for finger spinners (off-spinner) and the glaze is like old Sonnex balls (used in Ranji Trophy in the 80’s). Whatever happens, it happens for the wrist spinners and that too under lights,” he said.

Yuvraj also said that the pink ball didn’t reverse a lot when it got old.

“I honestly felt that the pink ball didn’t swing much and didn’t get old. It was coming on to the bat very nicely. I don’t know how it is going to play on a turning track.”

“Hopefully, this wicket might turn. You will see how the pink ball behaves on this wicket so we have to see for this match,” he added.

Test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara once again said that it was a challenge to pick pink ball under lights. “It’s challenging to pick the ball under lights but it’s not that you can’t. Ultimately you have to watch the ball and play. At times, you have to accept the fact that somethings might be challenging because when you are batting at 2 pm, you are able to sight the ball really well,” said Pujara.