Indian Premier League franchise side Delhi Daredevils has to go through a hard situation now as their skipper Kevin Pietersen got staved off from their opening match of the IPL campaign against Royal Challengers Bangalore because of his finger wound.

Delhi Daredevils has purchased Pietersen for USD 1.5 million (Rs 9 crore) in the IPL auction in February. Pietersen got the injury on his right hand little finger in the interim of fielding maneuvers with Surrey at the Oval last month.

The Vice-captain is going to captain the side now; the Delhi Daredevils assistant coach has confirmed this. “He (Pietersen) did not participate in the practice match and he wouldn’t be aforethought for tomorrow’s match. Dinesh Karthik will lead the team.” Simons stated yesterday.

“It is a quiver for us as he is a vital player in our set-up. It’s quite a shake for us, but what we did well in the interim of the auction was that we made confirm we had capped all areas. I think we have got enough substitutes about who we can keep in view during such conditions and that was one of the lustiness of the team that we have brought together.” He added.

Pietersen was much balked for skimming over the match since he is anticipating to taking part for a long period now, Simons said. “It is really hard for KP himself. He is someone who is very ardent. Regardless of he has not been capable to take much part in practice sessions; he has been there for all of them. He is excited about his new role for Daredevils this year and it’s depressing for him as much as it’s for us.” He added.

When Simon was asked if Pietersen would be able to participate in the next match or the next practice session, he said, “We would take it one game at a time and see how he progresses each morning. He has been doing some work with bat — some exercise more than anything else, but nothing too painful with bat.”

This signifies that the post-England career of Pietersen is quite in a trouble now, it has been delayed.

He got warded off from the England national Cricket squad following their depressing 0-5 outcome of Ashes series and now he is fully available for the IPL tournament and he hopes to recover soon.


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