An interesting thing happened off-late in a cricket field in Lancashire. It was a local match between Haslingden and Church Cricket Club XI and play was stopped in the middle as the players got busy in chasing a thief!!

Yes, the news is true indeed. A thief, who stole a dozen of iPhones from the Changing rooms at the Church Cricket Club was stopped by the players and was caught.

The thief targeted the changing rooms of the away team, Haslingden and was spotted acting suspiciously near the changing rooms by an off-duty police officer, who was playing for Haslingden. The officer led the chase when the thief escaped after stealing the iPhones and he was tracked using the GPS technology.

It was indeed a dramatic day at the center.Play had to be stopped earlier in the day for an hour as after former Church Chairman,Don Holt was taken ill at the side of the pitch and was taken to the hospital during the match.

After the match, a player of Haslingen, Graham Knowles spoke to the media and his words were, “One of the Church lads spotted the thief and our lads gave chase and they caught up with him in a field and retrieved the phones. They used another phone to track the phones with GPS tracking. One of our teammates is a policeman in Burnley so he led the charge. There was a police unit going past so I believe he’s now in custody. “

He also added to it by saying, “It was quite an interesting day. It was not one I’ve had on the cricket field for 25 years!”

Church player Sam Tucker, who initially spotted the thief, said: “We were playing cricket and he was sitting in the pavillion, the players area. I assumed he was a club official of the away team, but he kept nipping in and out of the changing room. I kept my eye on him and he made an exit.

“We chased him through the fields. There was tracking on one of the phones, so we were moving around following the GPS.

He also added to it by saying, “Technology is amazing, we couldn’t have done it without the GPS tracking. I’ve never experienced anything like it on a cricket field before.”

The stoppages caused the match to be reduced to 30 overs which Haslingden won by six wickets.

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