New Zealand Cricket’s chief executive, David White has said that in order to make test cricket more interesting and help it to survive , players and traditionalists should accept pink-ball Tests.

The inaugural day-night Test between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide last year was seen as a huge success, attracting huge crowds to rival those at limited-overs versions of the game.

But players from both sides complained about the pink ball, intended to be more visible under floodlights, and some conservatives felt it undermined a Test tradition dating back to 1877. Recent protests against the day-night test from South African players has made the matter worse.

“I think the players will be very supportive going forward, (day-night Test cricket) is essential for the survival of the format, to be honest,” he told Radio Sport.

White said that day-night tests are the future of tests and every series should include at least one Test under lights.

“It provides an opportunity for the game to be more accessible to the fans and we’ve got to listen to them, they drive the revenue, they drive the game,” he said. “We’ve got to uphold the traditions of the game — I’m as traditional as anyone — but we’ve got to look to the future as well.”

New Zealand’s coach Mike Hesson has also backed the idea of day-night tests and said that “fine-tuning” would solve the problems.

.”I think it’s inevitable that we’ll play a lot more day-night cricket over the coming years,” he said.

However, White said Indian officials had “jumped the gun” in announcing last week that New Zealand would play a pink-ball Test against India when they tour later this year.

“They realise that they have got an issue with their crowds at Test match cricket,” he said.”While T20 and one-day cricket is huge, they do struggle to get big crowds for Test matches.”

Mike Hesson lso denied the allegations that New Zealand are being used as ” guinea pig” to trial the effectiveness of day-night cricket before adopting it.

“To play in front of a full house in India in a Test match would be pretty special,” he said.

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